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As requested, here's a copy of a recent mail I recieved.

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> From: "Alex Groenewoud" <krisp at wanadoo.nl>
> To: "Mark Hymers" <markh at linuxfromscratch.org>
> Subject: uppercase and lowercase
> Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 22:24:27 +0100
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> Hello Mark
> The following very minor editorial issues I have raked together in the
> past days.  They are so minor I think it's best to leave them to a day
> you have plenty of energy.
> <extreme nit-picking mode>
> In chapter 3 most op the headers are spelled as the packages are,
> except the following five:
> Diff Utils,  File Utils,  Text Utils,  Find Utils (twice), and Util
> Linux.  (Compare this to Binutils, Sh-utils, and Modutils.)
> (This also goes for the headers in the official download locations in
> appendix A.)
> Also in chapter 3, file.xml contains a newline too many, resulting in an
> extra blank line in the list.
> And the 1217 KB of Fileutils is out style with a missing comma: 1,217.
> (Although I would prefer to see the sizes in more human-readable form.
> In this case: 1.2 MB.)
> But what drew my attention in the first place: I think KB should be
> replaced with kB.  The abbreviation for 'kilo' is 'k', not 'K'.
> I know, kilo here is 1024, not 1000, but the something similar goes for
> the 'M' of mega, and no one uses a super-big or double 'M' to mark that
> difference.
> In chapter 6, in the section on debugging symbols, the numbers are glued
> to the letters MB and kB.  To be consistent a space is in order here.
> And Bash should be spelled there in lowercase, I think.
> Almost nowhere in the book quotes are used to bracket program names in
> plain text, but suddenly in chapter5/diffutils-exp.xml there is a
> paragraph that uses them.  (It makes the words sound strangely ironic.)
> In the book 'ed is consistently used to form a past participle from a
> command name, except in this new section:
> chapter5/installasuser.xml: chrooted  -->  chroot'ed  (twice)
> BTW, why does appendix A contain a separate section on chroot?
> chapter6/glibc-inst.xml:
> any way than this  -->  any other way than this
> book suggests it  -->  book suggests
> chapter6/sysvinit-inst.xml:
> This implies  -->  This seems to imply
> which isn't  -->  but this isn't
> you change  --> you can change
> The plain xmls in chapters 5 and 6 spell the name of a package with an
> initial uppercase letter, whereas the desc.xmls (in appendix A) spell it
> with an initial lowercase.
> For example: "Installing Bash" and "Contents of bash".
> In most of the inst.xmls the names of packages are consistently spelled
> with an uppercase initial.  But not in chapter 5 fileutils and chapter 6
> psmisc.
> The spelling of glibc in the whole of chapters 5 and 6 is rather
> erratic: here with, there without initial capital.
> </extreme nit-picking mode>
> Cheers!
> Alex

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