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Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Fri Mar 8 11:07:26 PST 2002

> I'm doing a research of LFS for my studies (Arts & Cultures at the
> university of Maastricht). I'm focusing on the differences between a
> regular book (which you buy at a store or rent at a library) and the
> so-called "e-book".

That seems like a very interesting topic for a thesus  :)

> I'm not sure what the e-book is, but I do know that
> LFS is an example of how it could look.

Genericaly, in a classic sense, I think "e-book" describes a text that
is more often than not read online rather than being printed out on
paper.  I would add however, that the capabilities of hypertext and easy
conversion to different formats/languages/representations/styles and
etc.. are/could be significant and  important additions to that

> Do you think it's practical if LFS would be printed?

I've printed the book from the pdf format on a couple occasions, once
using duplexing (double sided pages) and once in a simplex manner.  From
a technical standpoint I can say that there would need to be some
additional scripted processing of some type (pun intended!) to format
the layout more professionaly.  It's just little stuff like making sure
of margins and spacing of sections etc....  But this does point out an
inhearint advantage of online viewing.  This is that online formatting
tends to be "looser" so it's less to think about.

> 3. In traditional books, there's a big difference between reader and
> writer. With LFS, it's a blurry line.

This may be more to do with the license and niceness of the author.
Certainly there could be e-books that are closed source and the author
could be an arse and reject all submissions  ;)

> If you're interested, I'd be willing to explain some more on where my
> research is going to, and perhaps even post it when it's ready.

I'd be interested.



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