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Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at gmx.net
Thu Mar 14 14:06:43 PST 2002

On Thursday 14 March 2002 20:55, Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote:
> Argh, little late, thou i guess another posts can't hurt ;)

All posts are welcome, in fact, I'm thinking about expanding this 
research once I've written the initial paper. Maybe you'll find me at 
#lfs some time soon.

> > 1. Could you describe how you started with the book, what
> > interested you in it?
> The book?  That's all?  You know that is kind of limiting,
> considering some of us have been around when the LFS-BOOK use to be
> the LFS-HOWTO ;)

This was deliberate, since I only have 6 weeks from initial proposal to 
final paper.

> Whoo..woah, i think i spend a little whee bit more time writting that
> then i should have.  Hope it helps either way.  I've problably missed
> something thou, i always do.  Oh well.

It definitely helps. The research I'm doing is partly ethnographic - 
which means I'm actually studying the behavior and codes which are IMO 
constituting the book.

> > 2. What do you think about the format and distribution of the book?
> > Do you think it's practical if LFS would be printed? What
> > gains/losses would there be? What are the biggest advantages of not
> > having it printed?
> I think it could be practical.  However it would quickly become
> outdated.

Doesn't this imply that it would in fact be _not_ practical? Why would 
anyone read something when a new improved version is out? 

> > 3. In traditional books, there's a big difference between reader
> > and writer. With LFS, it's a blurry line. Do you think of yourself
> > as reader or writer?
> Everyone is a reader.  Even the book editors.  It's by nature :)
> Most of us are contributors thou.  Anyone that has ever posted on the
> mailing list with something helpfull.  Anyone that has made a
> suggestion.  Anyone that has filed a bug report and brough up an
> issue to resolve it.  Anyone that has helped out on IRC and so forth.

This is exactly the blurry line I meant. There's no such thing in 
traditional books. 

> As for writers.  Well.. there have been many that have made
> contributions or have indirectly helped development in the book,
> however nobody can really claim that right, unless they directly
> editted the book.  That honour is only available to a few; Gerard,
> Marc and Mark.

Thanks for your response! 

Jeroen Coumans
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