Cleaning up Bug 30

Mark Hymers markh at
Mon Mar 25 06:55:08 PST 2002


When updating Bug 30's dependency list just now (for diffutils), I
noticed that there was some crud in the dependency list.  I've therefore
removed the following from it:

32 [lfs-book at] -
82 [gerard at] - better ncurses patch to fix gcc-3 problems
147 [lfs-book at] - bogus-1.0

I'm also not convinced this should be listed:
156 [lfs-book at] - has newer software that's not all that much alpha

but I haven't removed it as I'm about to gather information to start an
lfs-dev thread on that issue.  (Basically, I think that given the number
of GNU packages which have updated recently; it's no longer an issue but
I need to check that [tar is the obvious counterexample])


Mark Hymers					BLFS Editor
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