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Wed Mar 27 15:20:50 PST 2002

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  Updated entry why-faq.
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  1.105     +18 -8     LFS/FAQ/faq.xml
  Index: faq.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvsroot/LFS/FAQ/faq.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.104
  retrieving revision 1.105
  diff -u -r1.104 -r1.105
  --- faq.xml	25 Mar 2002 01:12:21 -0000	1.104
  +++ faq.xml	27 Mar 2002 23:20:50 -0000	1.105
  @@ -17,15 +17,25 @@
   <!-- dlist: ,lfs-dev,lfs-support,blfs-support -->
   <!-- elist: ,lfs-dev,lfs-support,blfs-support -->
  -		<qandaentry><question><para>Why this FAQ?</para></question>
  -			<answer><para>I started this FAQ in an attempt to make the traffic on
  -				the LFS mailing lists more manageable and improve the signal
  -				to noise ratio. I'm going to limit myself to things that come
  -				up often there leaving tips and such for
  -				<ulink url="">LFS-Hints</ulink>.
  -			</para></answer>
  -		</qandaentry>
  +<qandaentry id="why-faq">
  +<question><para>Why this FAQ?</para></question>
  +<answer><para>The FAQ tries to answer questions before they're asked.
  +This saves the trouble of asking them,
  +and sometimes, the trouble of encountering a problem.
  +<para>This does reduce traffic and improve the signal to noise ratio
  +but that is merely a useful side effect.
  +<para>Since the FAQ isn't the natural place to look for information,
  +items should be added to it
  +only if they can't be added to the appropriate documentation,
  +although sometimes it will be necessary to add a pointer
  +to the information in the documentation.
   <!-- elist: ,lfs-support -->
   		<qandaentry><question><para>What is appropriate for lfs-support?</para></question>
   			<answer><para>From the
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