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Wed May 8 03:54:58 PDT 2002

On Wed, 8 May 2002, Jason Van Cleve wrote:

> Hi,
> In the last few versions of LFS Book, in the section "Making the LFS
> system bootable", you only copy image files from the host /boot to that
> of the LFS system, yet you copy the entire lilo.conf from /etc.  This
> creates problems when you run LILO on the LFS system, since some files
> referenced in lilo.conf are not in the new /boot directory.  I've gotten
> multiple "no such file..." errors running LILO in my
> Mandrake-8.1-spawned LFS system.  Please address this.
> Thanks.

I presume your are refering to missing initial ram disks, system maps,
etc. Since one of the goals of LFS is education, you have now been
educated. Does that address it good enough? :)

I experienced similar failures and applied the education. I copied the
additionally-needed components to the LFS /boot partition. Since LFS is
*not* noob oriented, I was (am) ambivalent about whether or not stuff
like that needs to be mentioned.

In the interest of completness/correctness - then yes.

Considering all possible variations of all possible system's
configurations is impossible - then no.

*Sigh* So I accept those sorts of *minor* ommissions as being unavoidable
until someone points them out. After that, I figure ommissions are a
result of policy decision. I wonder which way this one will go.

Bill Maltby
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