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   If nothing else does,
   the number of different "solutions" should hint at some of the reasons.
  -<para>Here a just a few of the options:
  +<para>Here are a few of the options:
   <listitem><para>No package management is really necessary.
   Unless it is desirable to monitor package file placement minutely,
   any package large enough to warrent removal for disk space reasons
  @@ -270,6 +271,7 @@
   Libraries are generally best upgraded by rebuilding the system
   from the bottom up.
   <listitem><para>RPM, the Redhat Package Manager,
   is used by a number of distributions.
   It is available from
  @@ -277,6 +279,11 @@
   and there is an RPM Hint to help with installation at
   <ulink url=""/>.
  +<listitem><para>GNU Stow is an interesting concept. See
  +<ulink url=""/>.
   <listitem><para>Originally based on a script
   written by LFS' own Gerard Beekmans,
   install-log records a list of files installed by a package
  @@ -284,9 +291,18 @@
   It is available from
   <ulink url=""/>.
  -<listitem><para>GNU Stow is an interesting concept. See
  -<ulink url=""/>.
  +<listitem><para>Gerard has since made additions to his script.
  +It is available from
  +<ulink url=""/> and
  +<ulink url=""/>.
  +<listitem><para>CheckInstall attempts log system calls made by
  +"make install". It is available from
  +<ulink url=""/>.
   Do you know of one missing from that list?
   Please email its name, URL, and other information,
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