[fmII] gcc 3.1 released (Default branch)

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Thu May 16 00:39:22 PDT 2002

This email is to inform you of release '3.1' of 'gcc' through
freshmeat.net. All URLs and other useful information can be found at

The changes in this release are as follows:
This release includes general optimizer improvements, and a few more
ISO C99 features. The preprocessor is now 10-50% faster than the
preprocessor in GCC 3.0, and an Ada frontend was added.

Project description:
The GNU Compiler Collection contains frontends for  C, C++, Objective
C, Chill, Fortran, and Java as  well as libraries for these languages.
It is a full- featured ANSI C compiler with support for K&R C  as
well. GCC provides many levels of source code  error checking
traditionally provided by other tools  (such as lint), produces
debugging information, and  can perform many different optimizations
to the  resulting object code.

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