more CVS 20020516 suggestions

timothy bauscher timothy at
Fri May 17 20:34:39 PDT 2002

CVS 20020516

note: 'utilities' was miss-spelled in the libutil
section of the last CVS suggestions i sent.


	Functions is this library are useful for building debuggers
	for multi-threaded programs.


librt, librt_p

	Functions in this library provide most of the interfaces
	specified by the POSIX.1b Realtime Extension.


librpcsvc, librpcsvc_p

	Functions in this library provide miscellaneous RPC


libresolv, libresolv_p

	Functions in this library provide for creating, sending, and
	interpreting packets to the Internet domain name servers.


libpthread, libpthread_p

	The POSIX threads library.



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