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   <!-- elist: ,lfs-dev,new -->
  +<qandaentry id="shutdown-on-fsck-error">
  +<question><para>The system shuts down when fsck errors out!
  +<answer><para>Unix systems normally run sulogin
  +if the normal bootup fsck run errors out
  +so that root can log in and fix it.
  +Because sulogin will accept any password if /etc/passwd is corrupt,
  +the LFS developers decided this was a security risk.
  +Therefore, the LFS bootscripts shut the machine down if fsck errors,
  +and it must be booted with the "init=/bin/bash" kernel parameter
  +to get a root shell.
  +Whether this is wise is beyond the scope of the FAQ,
  +but if it doesn't work for you
  +you'll want to change that boot script before it's too late.
  +<!-- elist: ,lfs-dev,new -->
   <qandaentry id="new-version">
   <question><para>There's a new version of package Foo.</para></question>
   <answer><para>Excellent. If you wish to help, please report it to lfs-book
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