rewrite of chapter 5 intro

Alex Groenewoud krisp at
Mon May 27 13:38:17 PDT 2002

Most of the introductions to the various chapters only talk about the
chapter itself, but the introduction to chapter 5 talks about the whole
remaining part of the book.  This is out of style, and I propose to drop
that paragraph.
The attached patch-file makes use of the occassion to do a more or less
thorough rewrite of that entire introduction.

The rewrite also drops the three sentences on circular dependencies, as
these sentences seems to say that solving circular dependencies is a
reason for statical linking, which it is not.
The circular dependencies are not solved by the method of linking, but
by compiling *on a host system* the essential tools: compiler, shell,
unzip, untar, and some others.


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