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  Added chapter 6 - package update procedures
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   <!ENTITY % chapter03 SYSTEM "entities/chapter03.ent">
   <!ENTITY % chapter04 SYSTEM "entities/chapter04.ent">
   <!ENTITY % chapter05 SYSTEM "entities/chapter05.ent">
  +<!ENTITY % chapter06 SYSTEM "entities/chapter06.ent">
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  @@ -7,3 +7,4 @@
  1.1                  LFS/editor-manual/chapter06/chapter06.xml
  Index: chapter06.xml
  <chapter id="chapter06">
  <title>Package upgrade procedures</title>
  <?dbhtml filename="chapter06" dir="chapter06"?>
  1.1                  LFS/editor-manual/chapter06/renderchecklinks.xml
  Index: renderchecklinks.xml
  <sect1 id="ch06-renderchecklinks">
  <title>Render the book and check links</title>
  <?dbhtml filename="renderchecklinks.html" dir="chapter06"?>
  <para>Now that you're done, make sure the book renders properly and check
  the links in <emphasis>Chapter 3</emphasis> to make sure the new package
  links (lfs-packages and the package itself) are valid.</para>
  <para>If this checks out, then you're done with the package update.</para>
  1.1                  LFS/editor-manual/chapter06/updatebook.xml
  Index: updatebook.xml
  <sect1 id="ch06-updatebook">
  <title>Update the book</title>
  <?dbhtml filename="updatebook.xml" dir="chapter06"?>
  <para>When you're going to update the book by adding a new package to it,
  here's how you do it:</para>
  <listitem><para>Assign yourself to the bug for this new package (you'll
  find it in Bug #30's Dependency Tree. See previous
  <listitem><para>Download the package to shadowfax in your home directory.
  If it's not bzip2'ed, then make it so.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Test build an LFS system to make sure this package compiles
  properly in an LFS environment. Don't use your regular workstation's
  environment - it may be sufficiently different for the compilation to
  abort. A package may depend on something that you have installed but which
  doesn't come with the LFS-Book. Also keep in mind that some packages are
  used twice, in chapter 5 and in chapter 6.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Update the installation instructions in the book if
  <listitem><para>When the package compiles properly and the package works
  too (doesn't seg. fault or show other errors when trying to execute programs
  from it), then open the <filename>entities/packagename.ent</filename> in an
  <listitem><para>Find the <emphasis>package-version</emphasis> entity and
  update its value to the new version. Don't change the
  <emphasis>package-depversion</emphasis> and
  <emphasis>package-contentversion</emphasis> unless you re-checked the
  dependencies and contents of the new version.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Run <userinput>ls -l package-version.tar.bz2</userinput> on
  the file you have in your home directory on shadowfax. Divide the filesize
  by <emphasis>1024</emphasis> to get the number of Kilobytes. Round off to
  the nearest Kilobyte and update the <emphasis>package-size</emphasis>
  <listitem><para>Commit changes to CVS and continue immediately with the
  next section which will update the LFS FTP archive.</para></listitem>
  1.1                  LFS/editor-manual/chapter06/updatebugzilla.xml
  Index: updatebugzilla.xml
  <sect1 id="ch06-updatebugzilla">
  <title>Updating Bugzilla</title>
  <?dbhtml filename="updatebugzilla.html" dir="chapter06"?>
  <para>When a new package is released by its maintainers, we mark this in
  Bugzilla. You don't need to update the book right after a package is
  released, but at least announce it.</para>
  <para>We have a special bug for packages updates, Bug #30. All package
  update bugs are individual bugs, but they are all linked to Bug 30. Bug 30
  is the parent bug so to speak.</para>
  <listitem><para>Go to Bug #30's Dependency Tree at <ulink
  <listitem><para>Find the package that was just updated in this list and
  click on its link (the link text will be crossed out (ie: a line through it
  which means it's currently a fixed bug).</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Update the <emphasis>Summary</emphasis> field to reflect
  the new available version.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Select the <emphasis>Reopen bug</emphasis> radio
  <listitem><para>Click on the <emphasis>Commit</emphasis>
  1.1                  LFS/editor-manual/chapter06/updateftp.xml
  Index: updateftp.xml
  <sect1 id="ch06-updateftp">
  <title>Updating the LFS FTP Archive</title>
  <?dbhtml filename="updateftp.html" dir="chapter06"?>
  <para>Now that the book has been updated, it's time to update the LFS FTP
  archive so people can download the new package.</para>
  <listitem><para>Move the new package tarball from your home directory on
  shadowfax to the
  <listitem><para>Go to the <filename
  <listitem><para>Remove the symlink that points to the old
  <listitem><para>Create a new symlink that points to the new package by
  running a command like
  <userinput>ln -s ../conglomeration/package-newversion.tar.bz2</userinput></para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Remove the <filename>lfs-packages-cvs-*</filename>
  <listitem><para>Recreate the <filename>00MD5SUMS</filename> file by running
  the <userinput>md5sums * > 00MD5SUMS</userinput> command.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Run <userinput>date</userinput> to get the current date and
  time on the server.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Go to the <filename
  class="directory">/home/ftp/lfs-packages</filename> directory and create a
  new lfs-packages tarball by running the following
  <para><screen><userinput>cp -av cvs lfs-packages-cvs-yyyymmdd-hhmm &&
  tar cvfh lfs-packages-cvs-yyyymmdd-hhmm.tar lfs-packages-cvs-yyyymmdd-hhmm &&
  rm -r cvs &&
  mv lfs-packages-yyyymmdd-hhmm cvs &&
  mv lfs-packages-yyyymmdd-hhmm.tar cvs</userinput></screen></para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Check the filesize of this new lfs-packages-cvs tarball and
  divide it by <emphasis>1024</emphasis> to get the number of Kilobytes.
  Round it off to the nearest Kilobyte. Divide this number by
  <emphasis>1024</emphasis> to get the number of Megabytes and round it off
  to two digits after the decimal point.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Go back to the LFS Book and edit the
  <filename>index.xml</filename> file.</para></listitem>
  <listitem><para>Update the <emphasis>all-version</emphasis> entity and
  enter the new version string in the <emphasis>cvs-yyyymmdd-hhmm</emphasis>
  <listitem><para>Update the <emphasis>all-size-kb</emphasis> and
  <emphasis>all-size-mb</emphasis> entities with the values you calculated
  1.1                  LFS/editor-manual/entities/chapter06.ent
  Index: chapter06.ent
  <!ENTITY chapter06 SYSTEM "../chapter06/chapter06.xml">
  <!ENTITY c6-introduction SYSTEM "../chapter06/introduction.xml">
  <!ENTITY c6-updatebugzilla SYSTEM "../chapter06/updatebugzilla.xml">
  <!ENTITY c6-updatebook SYSTEM "../chapter06/updatebook.xml">
  <!ENTITY c6-updateftp SYSTEM "../chapter06/updateftp.xml">
  <!ENTITY c6-renderchecklinks SYSTEM "../chapter06/renderchecklinks.xml">
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