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  removed stuff no longer pertinent after the /static implementation
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  Index: bash-exp.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvsroot/LFS/BOOK/chapter05/bash-exp.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.15
  retrieving revision 1.16
  diff -u -r1.15 -r1.16
  --- bash-exp.xml	23 May 2002 17:01:15 -0000	1.15
  +++ bash-exp.xml	29 May 2002 23:31:41 -0000	1.16
  @@ -4,16 +4,9 @@
   <para><userinput>--enable-static-link:</userinput> This configure 
   option causes bash to be linked statically.</para>
  -<para><userinput>--prefix=$LFS/usr:</userinput> This configure option installs 
  -all of Bash's files under the $LFS/usr directory, which becomes the /usr 
  -directory when chroot'ed or reboot'ed into LFS.</para>
  -<para><userinput>--bindir=$LFS/bin:</userinput> This installs the executable 
  -files in $LFS/bin. We do this because we want bash to be in /bin, not in 
  -/usr/bin. One reason being: the /usr partition might be on a separate 
  -partition which has to be mounted at some point. Before that partition is 
  -mounted you need and will want to have bash available (it will be hard to 
  -execute the boot scripts without a shell for instance).</para>
  +<para><userinput>--prefix=$LFS/static:</userinput> This configure option
  +installs all of Bash's files under the $LFS/static directory, which becomes
  +the /static directory when chroot'ed or reboot'ed into LFS.</para>
   <para><userinput>--with-curses:</userinput> This causes bash to be
   linked against the curses library instead of the default termcap 
  @@ -27,12 +20,6 @@
   trouble later on in this chapter when you install the Texinfo package.
   That package requires ncurses, and termcap can't reliably be used
  -<para><userinput>ln -sf bash $LFS/bin/sh:</userinput> This command creates
  -the <filename class="symlink">sh</filename> symlink that points to bash. Most
  -scripts run themselves via 'sh' (invoked by the #!/bin/sh as the first line
  -in the scripts) which invokes a special bash mode. Bash will then behave
  -(as closely as possible) as the original Bourne shell.</para>
   <para>The <userinput>&&</userinput>'s at the end of every line cause 
   the next command to be executed only if the previous command exits
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