Some more editting -- Preface & Chap 1

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Fri May 31 11:30:58 PDT 2002

On Fri, 31 May 2002, timothy bauscher wrote:

> Bill Maltby LFS Related spake:
> > > I'm staying with "an LFS" instead of "a LFS".
> > > 'an' sounds better to me, kind of how you'd ...
> > It is also the grammatically correct usage. If
> > the noun sounds like it starts with a vowel,
> > "an" is proper. If it sounds like it starts with
> > a consonant, "a" is proper.
> English is a crappy language. We should speak
> Spanish :)

We do. And French and Irish and Scottish .... that's
what makes it so crappy at the same time it is so
rich and powerful. No other language has the degree
of precision, nuances and flexibility of English.

Bill Maltby
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