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> hi !
> Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:
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> > On Fri, 31 May 2002, timothy bauscher wrote:
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> > > English is a crappy language. We should speak
> > > Spanish :)
> > 
> > We do. And French and Irish and Scottish .... that's
> > what makes it so crappy at the same time it is so
> > rich and powerful. No other language has the degree
> > of precision, nuances and flexibility of English.
> coool :-) a langage troll :-)
> i'm not chauvinist but french is quite nice.

IMO, there is no more melodious language on this sphere.

> German is another story but i guess that one has
> to be german to fully exploit this incredible thing.

There is a *lot* of commonality between English and German.
Add a few prefixes and suffixes to a lot of "base" words in
English and there are a lot of German equivalents. I believe
this to be another example of the growth of English through
acquisition and, through laziness, shortening of appropriate
words from all languages. With the Tuetonic tribes having
dominated so much of the European continents for so long,
it is natural that the roots of their languages would be
assimilated into English.

And for *many* years, German was the choice for the common
language of the scientific community because of its precision
and flexibility.

> maybe i should practice german more often ? ...

Can't hurt, metaphysically speaking.

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