CVS book & resolv.conf

Luke A. Guest laguest at
Sun Sep 1 14:28:28 PDT 2002

>>  Umm, why wouldn't this work for them ?  The nameserver ip's are those
>> supplied by your isp. I had to add this to my test builds this weekend,
>> and I got the number's by cat'ing /etc/resolv.conf on the gateway box,
>> which is attached to a modem.
> It would work for them, of course. Once they had connectivity. My concern
> not clearly put, was that those who are most likely to bump into the prob-
> lem (no intranet/gateway) will likely have to get dhcp working so that
> they get to the ISP before they can take advantage of DNS facilities
> there. So, if we put resolve.conf stuff in the book, it strikes me that we
> probably should put a reference to BLFS or there will be a lot of "I did
> what the resolve.conf syays, but I still can't get out".
> OTOH, I have been known to miis the boat before, am I missing something
> here too?

Maybe the book could branch (I don't mean CVS branches) for specific 
settings. For example, in the book, when it gets to MAKEDEV, it could 
branch to a subsection, where the user can choose to use MAKEDEV or devfs); 
or when the book gets to booting, it could be split up into GRUB and LILO.

The same could be done for networking, split between DHCP and static IP (for 
LAN's) and dialup (this might be too much? Dunno), that should cover it.


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