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  Removed a misleading paragraph better addressed in the Why Static section.
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  +<listitem><para>September 18th, 2002 [timothy]: Chapter 05 - Introduction:
  +Removed paragraph about static linking since it seems misleading and is
  +covered in better detail in <emphasis>Why Static</emphasis>.</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>September 18th, 2002 [timothy]: Chapter 08 - Linux:
   Removed <userinput>cd</userinput> command.</para></listitem>
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   Linux system. This system will contain just enough tools to be able
   to start constructing the final LFS system in the next chapter.</para>
  -<para>The software in this chapter will be linked statically, because
  -there is a possibility that your host Linux system uses a different
  -version of the C library than the version you downloaded for
  -use in your LFS system. If we were to link the programs in this
  -chapter against that older C library, these programs might work
  -incorrectly, or not at all, when we change to the LFS system.</para>
   <para>The files compiled in this chapter will be installed under the
   <filename class="directory">$LFS/static</filename> directory,
   to keep them separate from the files installed in the next chapter.
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