German Version??

Joerg W Mittag Joerg.Mittag at Web.De
Fri Sep 20 05:37:28 PDT 2002

Miro Ljubicic wrote:
> I'm aksing because I've seen that there is a French translation of
> the LFS book.... so it would be logical for me if there is a German
> one to...
> so... is there a German translation of the LFS-Book ??

AFAIK there is none. I actually thought about doing it myself but
quickly dropped the idea due to several reasons:

- nearly everyone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland speaks English
- 99% of all information related to Linux and computers in general is
  English, that means if you're not able to understand the LFS book
  you'll get lost anyway
- the difficult part of reading technical documentation is usually
  understanding the technical terms - in the computer field, however,
  the English terms are also used in German, anyway.

And, of course, there's the standard problem of all translations: they
will always lag behind and they will always be less accurate.

But, hey, noone's gonna stop you from translating (-;


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