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El Vie 20 Sep 2002 19:59 Gregory Davis escrbió:

> I glanced quickly at some of the translations, and they look very good. 

Thanks :-)

> One thing I noticed, you included the --disable-nls on some of the program
> configure options.  Wouldn't nls be beneficial to Linux users of a
> language different than English?

This option in only used during Chapter 5 to make the build of the static 
binaries faster and save space in the /static directory.

In Chapter 6 all locales are compiled, so no problem for users that wish set 
the LANG and LC_* variables point to other language.

Modify the options of configure to build only the es_* locales (or the 
locales for others laguages) is beyond the objetive of a translation, and 
also beyond of a base LFS system.

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