[Bug 281] /etc/mtab symlink creation

Seth W. Klein sk at sethwklein.net
Sat Sep 28 19:52:58 PDT 2002

Hi Gerard, glad you're still live and kicking.

Gerard Beekmans <gerard at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> On September 16, 2002 11:12 am, Seth W. Klein wrote:
> > 
> > Does this mean that the book and bootscripts won't be fixed to
> It's a never ending discussion and I don't feel like dealing with it anymore. 
> Whatever will be done, it'll never be good enough.

The discussion hasn't ended yet because the problem isn't fixed yet.
It'll go away nicely after that.

> What we use now works. If it doesn't work for you then the usual answer 
> applies (change it yourself).

It does not work. The working solution has been identified. In view of
your answer, i will probably do LFS-4.0-sk0 and lfs-bootscripts-1.9-sk0
which will include mtab handling and perhaps PPC support (i'm setting
up my iBook now). If you see any interesting stuff in that when i get
it out, i can feed it to you in nice easy chunks.

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