[Bug 281] /etc/mtab symlink creation

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Sep 28 23:05:00 PDT 2002

On September 28, 2002 09:45 pm, Zack Winkles wrote:
> you should read the mtab.txt hints and see the list of grievances there
> ;-)

Nothing new there. So it still comes down to what somebody finds more 
important, which decides to make mtab a symlink or not. Both have their 
advantages and disadvantages. Whose to say what to pick really. Whatever is 
picked, somebody is going to have a major problem with it. Sure, there are 
workarounds, but there are workarounds for everything. The bottom line is, 
I'm not really wanting to constantly change what we use. But, there's a hint 
now. We could reference it in the book and be done with it. If we were to 
change it back to a real file, there would have to be a hint totally opposite 
of the hint we have now. So there will always be a hint irregardless, right?

Gerard Beekmans

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