[Bug 281] /etc/mtab symlink creation

Christophe Devine devine at iie.cnam.fr
Sun Sep 29 09:52:17 PDT 2002

In article <20020929124315.63156c20.sk at sethwklein.net>, "Seth W. Klein" wrote:

> No. There are no problems with mtab as a real file if it is handled
> correctly, and handling it correctly is trivial. Simply:
> 1) Run "mount -n /proc" before running fsck.
> 2) Remount / rw as usual.
> 3) Immediately after remounting /, clear mtab and initialize it with
>    "mount -f" for each mounted filesystem (/, /proc, and /dev if devfs
>    is enabled).
> 4) Mount remaining filesystems as usual.

This is indeed, the proper way to do it; furthermore, I also noted this
was how the Debian folks do it, and they have considerable experience as
the Debian project started in 1996 IIRC, whereas LFS started around 1999.

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