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   needs it. For this purpose a short description of the content of each
   package is given right after the installation instructions.</para>
  -<para>Many of our packages must be patched before they can be compiled.
  -We only apply patches when and where they are needed. So, don't fret if
  -it seems like instructions for a patch are missing.</para>
  +<para>Several of the packages are patched before compilation, but only when
  +the patch is needed to circumvent a problem. Often the patch is needed in
  +both this and the next chapter, but sometimes in only one of them. So, don't
  +worry when instructions for a downloaded patch seem to be missing.</para>
  -<para>During the installation of several packages you will probably
  +<para>During the installation of most packages you will
   see all kinds of compiler warnings scroll by on your screen. These are
   normal and can be safely ignored. They are just what they say they are:
   warnings -- mostly about improper, but not illegal, use of the C or C++
   syntax. It's just that C standards have changed rather often and some
   packages still use the older standard, which is not really a problem.</para>
  -<para>Before you start, make sure the LFS environment variable is set up
  -properly if you decided to make use of it. Run the following:</para>
  +<para>Before continuing, make sure the LFS environment variable is set up
  +properly (if you decided to make use of it) by executing the following:</para>
   <para><screen><userinput>echo $LFS</userinput></screen></para>
  -<para>Check to make sure the output contains the correct directory to the LFS
  -partition's mount point (/mnt/lfs for example).</para>
  +<para>Make sure the output shows the path to your LFS partition's mount
  +point, which is <filename class="directory">/mnt/lfs</filename> if you
  +followed our example.</para>
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