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   <qandaentry id="how-to-find">
   <question><para>How do I find package Foo?</para></question>	
   <answer><para>Mostly, it's not hard, but some packages can lead quite a chase.
  -Here are some steps:
  -<listitem><para><ulink url=""/>:
  -Searching for <screen>foo</screen> will usually turn up a freshmeat page
  +<para>Searching <ulink url=""/> for
  +will usually turn up a freshmeat page
   with links to an URL
  -where you can check for newer releases not reported to freshmeat.
  -<listitem><para><ulink url=""/>:
  -Use a search string like
  -<screen>+foo +index</screen>
  -which tends to find "Index of /pub/foo" type pages, or even
  -<screen>+foo +index -RPM -debian</screen>
  -to eliminate links to RPM packages and Debian's archives.
  -<listitem><para>Google may well turn up a link to something under
  -<ulink url=""/>.
  -(If you want to look specifically on use
  -Beware that may not have the most recent version.
  -However, they often will have...
  -<listitem><para>A foo.lsm (Linux Software Map) file
  -which may list a primary site where more recent versions may be found.
  +where which may have newer releases not reported to freshmeat.
  +<para>Searching <ulink url=""/> for 
  +<screen>+foo +index +lsm</screen>
  +tends to find directory listings with an LSM (Linux Software Map) file.
  +The LSM file will list an official distribution point
  +which is likelier to have the most recent version
  +or at least a more recent LSM file
  +which will list an even more recent distribution point.
  +<para>If the search results are clogged
  +with links to RPM packages and Debian's archives, try
  +<screen>+foo +index +lsm -RPM -debian</screen>
  +If there are too few results try dropping the "+lsm" and "+index".
  +<para>Hits on <ulink url=""/> are often good.
  +To find them specifically, use
  +<para>If the latest release is old,
  +Debian or an SRPM may have helpful patches,
  +and there may be a modern replacement for the package
  +which a freshmeat search will likely find.
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