[Bug 466] New: GCC compiled with --enable-__cxa_atexit causes segfaults in uic (part -f qt)

James Iwanek chthon at chthon-uk.com
Sun Jan 12 06:12:50 PST 2003

> I was unabl;e to compile KDElibs3.1RC5, the user interface compiler, part
> of QT, segfaulted when it exited. Solution was to recompile gcc without
> --enable-__cxa_atexit, then glibc, then Xwindows. After that, everything
> went smoothly. I suggest removal of the option in the upcoming lfs book.
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i would most  definantly disagree - the GCC people actually REQUIRE this
option for compatibility between different systems. besides with a STABLE
computer and LFS built EXACTLY as the book states i DONT get a segfault in
rc5 or rc6 so first look at what you have done differently from the book
btw - it would help if you said exactly what version of the book you built
against (i believe we have been having problems with the current cvs from
the point we added the second glibc compile). btw quite a few programs have
a small problem with bison-1.75 and bison 1.875 so this might also be the

hope this helps
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