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  New netiquette entry. Reviews welcome. Some items still in comments.
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  <qandaentry id="netiquette">
  <question><para>What about netiquette?</para></question>
  <answer><para>Here are some completely practical points of etiquette.
  They include only those items that someone would comment on you for missing.
  <para>For those who've been around project mailing lists awhile
  the first few items are an insult to the intellegence.
  There are better toward the end.
  <para>The reasons for these are omitted for brevity,
  but rest assured, there are reasons
  and those reasons are more than just an individual's personal preferance.
  <para>While the text refers to "the lists" exclusively,
  it doesn't intend to ignore the news groups
  to which the mailing lists are gatewayed.
  <para>With that out of the way,
  here are a couple manners oriented items
  followed by more "mechanical" stuff.
  <para>Please remember that it is rude to post answers
  that are answered in obviously available documentation
  such as the LFS and BLFS Books, this FAQ, the appropriate man pages,
  the list archives, and simple Google searches.
  As long as you can demonstrate that you've made an effort to find the answer
  and you're not offended by a pointer to documentation,
  no one should mind.
  Anyone who does mind can be ignored; they deserve it.
  <para>Most of the bothersome flamewars start
  when a newbie with an overlarge ego posts an obvious question,
  is then laughed at (even in a kindly manner),
  and becomes publically offended.
  Please try to avoid this situation.
  Even the most unintellegent newbies (there are intellegent newbies)
  will usually realise their error,
  even if you don't mention that they're not being bright,
  if you point them at the exact documentation they should have read
  <para>As everywhere, things which are likely to become heated
  are best done off the lists, involving as few people as possible.
  <para>Now for the more "mechanical" stuff.
  <para>Do not post in HTML.
  If you use Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook
  and haven't turned HTML off, then it is on.
  If you're using another mail client, please do check before posting.
  If you don't know how to turn HTML off,
  see <ulink url=""/>.
  <para>Wrap text at 72 characters.
  If you do not wish to do this by hand,
  set your mail client to do it automatically when sending.
  <para>Reply below quoted text.
  <!-- XXX: A well formatted example is below. -->
  Outlook makes this difficult.
  There is a plugin to fix Outlook at
  <ulink url=""/>,
  and one for Outlook Express at
  <ulink url=""/>.
  <para>Do not click reply unless you're actually replying to a post.
  Use new or compose or whatever your mail client calls it.
  Reply sets more than just the subject line
  and will cause your post to appear in the wrong place
  unless you're actually answering.
  <para>This isn't major, but is useful to know.
  On the LFS lists, people usually clear the CC field
  and just mail the list with replies.
  This is probably not a good idea but is existing practice
  due to a political situation which is unlikely to change.
  <!-- XXX: future stuff
  Trim quoted text, especially signatures.
  But don't trim so much as to make it confusing to read your reply
  without consulting the original.
  Be careful to use the correct list.
  In general, do not reply to spam on the list.
  If you do find a valid reason to reply,
  definitely do not quote all of it in your reply.
  If a thread drifts into general topics,
  move it to lfs-chat.
  Remember, every post will be read by more than 500 people.
  Don't cross-post.
  Many people are subscribed to more than one list
  and will just be annoyed to see your post twice.
  fix this example to include a couple three messages and some code
  Joe <joe at> wrote:
  > Jane <jane at> wrote:
  > > Joe <joe at> wrote:
  > > > 
  > > > Hi Jane, did you see the new release of the fireworks plugin?
  > > > It is much faster on x86 machines because someone wrote assembly
  > > > routines for the worst spots.
  > > 
  > > No, i didn't see the new fireworks plugin release. Thanks for
  > > alerting me Joe.
  > > 
  > > It's nice they're working on the speed. So sad that assembly
  > > won't work on my laptop :( Maybe i'll find time to work on PPC
  > > assembly for it next week.
  > If you do work on PPC assembly for the fireworks plugin, i'd be
  > delighted to help.
  Hey, that's great! I've attached a couple routines. They're rough
  but i already notice a 10% speedup over the C code. Let me know what
  you think.
  - - 
  Jane Doe, Flower Pot Graphics Design
  Of particular note is the signature which is separated by "- - ",
  that's dash-dash-space on a line by themselves
  (and is difficult to express in xml)
  and is short. Less than four lines.
  If you actually want to be read and understood
  in a high traffic place like the LFS lists,
  paragraph separation, use of lists, and general whitespace use
  are surprisingly critical.
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