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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jan 15 11:59:15 PST 2003

On January 15, 2003 12:13 pm, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

The procedure (easier than reading diffs). I'll take 'modutils' as an example.

* Edit entities/modutils.ent

* Remove all *-exp.xml entities if any.

* Below <!ENTITY aa-modutils SYSTEM "../appendixa/modutils.xml"> add:
	<!ENTITY aa-modutils-shortdesc SYSTEM "../appendixa/modutils-shortdesc.xml">

* Edit chapter06/modutils-inst.xml

* Add to top of file:
	<sect2><title> </title><para> </para></sect2>

* Remove the <para>Install Modutils by running the following commands:</para>
	line and break up the command blocks into separate chunks. See other packages 			
	for end result information.

* If there is an -exp.xml file, incorporate the info in that file into the 
	package-inst.xml file, remove the -exp.xml file and cvs delete it.

* Edit chapter06/modutils.xml

* Change the XML includes to this:

* cp appendixa/modutils-desc.xml to appendix/modutils-shortdesc.xml if it 
	doesn't exist yet.

* cvs add appendixa/modutils-shortdesc.xml if it doesn't exist yet (ie: 
	packages from chap5 will already have the shortdesc files so you can skip 
	this then)

* Edit appendixa/modutils-shortdesc.xml

* Under <para>Last checked...</para> Add:
	<para>Short description of package</para>
	<para>Modutils installs the following:</para>

* Remove <sect3><title>Descriptions</title> and everything below it. Keep the 
	</sect2> close tag at the bottom.

* Edit appendixa/modutils-desc.xml

* Add to top of file:
	<sect2><title> </title><para> </para></sect2>

* Change the title of the next <sect2> from "Contents of packagename" to 

* Remove the part that just lists which programs and libraries are installed.

* Keep the <sect3><title>Descriptions</title> part and everything below it, 
but change this title from "Descriptions" to "Program file descriptions" or 
"Library file descriptions" where appropriate.

* Edit appendixa/modutils-dep.xml

* Add to top of file:
	<sect2><title> </title><para> </para></sect2>

* Edit appendixa/modutils.xml

* Below &aa-modutils-down; add the following:

That's it. Make sure the book renders, verify the pages, cvs ci it.

Gerard Beekmans

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