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  <sect2><title>Contents of Perl</title>
  <para>Last checked against version &perl-contversion;.</para>
  <para>The Perl package contains perl, the Practical Extraction
  and Report Language. Perl combines some of the best features of C,
  sed, awk and sh into one powerful language.</para>
  <sect3><title>Program files and libraries</title>
  <para>a2p, c2ph, dprofpp, find2perl, h2ph, h2xs, perl, perl5.6.1,
  perlbug, perlcc, perldoc, pl2pm, pod2html, pod2latex, pod2man, pod2text,
  pod2usage, podchecker, podselect, pstruct, s2p, splain,,,,,, DynaLoader.a,,,,, libperl.a,,,,,,, and</para></sect3> 
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