second glibc

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Fri Jan 17 14:23:16 PST 2003

> Timothy Bauscher wrote:
>>On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 11:54:30PM -0500, Timothy Bauscher wrote:
>>>Netkit-base through LFS-bootscripts are finished, except for
>>>the second Glibc. I'm going to bed in about 5 minutes. If
>>>anyone wants to write it up, please alert lfs-book so that
>>>your work isn't repeated.
>>Well rested now. I'll take on the second Glibc. After that,
>>we should be finished.
> Cool and Congrats:) Once you are done, can you regenerate the online
> book (so that everything looks consistent)?

I just have one question...  You have that revised chroot command, does
that mean you should logout and relogin before you copy bootscripts? 
[Question, as I havent bothered to try it, but putting lfs-bootscripts
after glibc2 seemed a little weird].

And when you are redoing the pages, you are using the same building
commands, correct?  (I just built a huge makefile with all the commands in
it)  [I noticed changing the entire layout of the book doesnt seem worthy
of a item in changelog].

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