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Sat Jan 18 04:20:13 PST 2003

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Seth W.Klein wrote:

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> >
> > [....] I even use ed in my install scripts to avoid having
> > to make the abhorred *.bak copies. [....'
> Check out -i in the latest sed. You'll like it.

Good addition. Now, if they could just add in context sensitivity,
marking ability, current location manipulation and mark setting, we
might not need ed at all. But there are still some things that are very
cumbersome to do in sed, in a scripted way, that are "duck soup" in ed.
All because of not having to work in only a 'stream' concept.

Hmm. I wonder if it's time to "man ed" again - haven't for *years*

Oh well, OT here. No more today folks. Apologies.

> cheers,
> Seth W. Klein

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