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> The only reason xmllint (and others) don't perform the XInclude
> without the DTD declaration present in the child document is because
of the
> &ddash; entity references.  I don't know why the processors can't
> the DTD from the parent document and validate the child document
> that if it doesn't have a DTD declaration of it's own - it might be in
> spec but to be honest I don't have time to wade through it.  So,
unless the
> processor can validate the child document entirely separately from the
> parent then it won't be included.

Just in case anyone's interested, I sent an email to the libxml mailing
list (xml at gnome.org) to confirm this.  The response I got was rather
terse (somewhat understandably, but not entirely).  Anyway it equates to
this:  If you want to XInclude something as XML it must be well-formed.
This is correct behaviour according to the XInclude spec (see section
4.2).  Our particular issue was that this was not true as there were
unresolved entities because of the lack of a DOCTYPE declaration
referencing a DTD that would resolve them (see XML spec section 4.1).

Hope this clears things up once and for all!



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