Background of LFS

Tio Hiap Ho deux at
Tue Jan 21 17:57:55 PST 2003

Minimum installation... you can have just kernel, a linux loader and bash... I 
think there is some documentation about this mentioned in the book too.

> 1- how does LFS detect devices and install drivers according to devices?
You create the module and do modprobe ?

> 2- and when LFS boots, which files does it use? I want to learn background
> of this project?
Read the book :) It'll helps... sysvinit I guess

> 3-In LFS there are lots of packages in chapter 6? But I don't want to
> install all packages , is it possible?
Yes it is posible

> I have problems with understanding background of LFS, if you help me , I
> will be very happy.
I'll be happy if I can help too...

Warmest Regards,

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