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  Feel better now Gerard?
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  1.1                  LFS/FAQ/conflicting-gethostname.xml
  Index: conflicting-gethostname.xml
  <qandaentry id="conflicting-gethostname">
  <question><para>conflicting types for `gethostname'</para></question>
  <answer><para>If you get an error about "conflicting types for `gethostname'"
  <!-- XXX: get a screen of this -->
  when compiling bash in Chapter 5,
  you need to install the glibc-static-devel RPM.
  1.1                  LFS/FAQ/gnome-versions.xml
  Index: gnome-versions.xml
  <qandaentry id="gnome-versions">
  <question><para>Any error while building part of Gnome</para></question>
  <answer><para>Using the latest version of every Gnome package doesn't work.
  You have to use versions that are known to work together.
  <para>To find a list of such versions go to
  <ulink url=""/>,
  drill down to the latest version
  (<ulink url=""/>
  as of this writing),
  and use the versions there.
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