grep 2.5.1

James Iwanek chthon at
Fri Jan 31 10:43:14 PST 2003

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> This has really confused me.  It looks as if there's a new release of
> grep out (2.5.1).  It's dated 29th May 2002, but I've never noticed it
> until now (and CVS still uses 2.5).  From the NEWS file.
> ---
> Version 2.5.1
>   - This is a bugfix release. No new features.
> ---
> I couldn't find a bug in bugzilla relating to grep.
> Thanks,
> Matt.

chances are that it was made on another system and its just retained the
date (look at our mail archives for silly dates that some posters have
their system clock set to) as for the cvs bit 2.5.1 may be on a branch -
ill have a look see later - btw the gnome people have had this aswell
and so have m$ ;-) (windows media player 9)

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