cvs commit: LFS/BOOK/chapter05 hostreqs.xml

James Robertson jwrober at
Fri Jun 18 10:30:32 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 06:46:01 +0600
> "Alexander E. Patrakov" <see at the.sig> wrote:
>>matthew at wrote:
>>>matthew     04/06/17 13:55:41
>>>Modified:    BOOK     general.ent BOOK/chapter01 changelog.xml 
>>>BOOK/chapter05 hostreqs.xml Log: Clarify that a gcc-3.x compiled
>>>kernel is required in order for the NTPL testsuite to run without
>>Couldn't we put building replacement host kernel into the book in ch5
>>after gcc?
> We could, and in fact today I realised that yesterdays commit didn't
> contain everything required.  I believe there's justification for
> putting a`uname -a` command in there to let people know how to find
> out how their host compiled their kernel.  Then we can say something
> like "if the output of the above command states that your host's kernel
> has not been compiled with gcc-3.0 or above, then you will need to
> compile one yourself and reboot using that kernel.  Instructions for
> compiling the kernel and configuring the bootloader (assuming your
> host uses GRUB) can be found in chapter 8."
> Does this sound reasonable?
> Matt.

I think that sounds like an excellent idea.


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