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Roel Neefs roel at
Sun Jun 20 07:16:03 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 15:45, matthew at wrote:

>    <para>Alternatively, we've made our own tarball available which you can download
>   -from the following location:
>   -<ulink url=""/>
>   +from any of the FTP mirrors listed on the
>   +<ulink url="&lfs-root;lfs/packages.html#http">LFS Website</ulink>.  It can be
>   +found under the
>   +<filename>/pub/linux/lfs/packages/conglomeration/glibc</filename> directory.

This should be /pub/lfs/packages/... the linux part still exist but only
on my own mirror, not on the others.
I'm waiting for two more mirrors to sync, and then we can start using
the RR i guess.

>   +The tarball is signed using GPG, and it is strongly recommended you
>   +verify its authenticity.  Instructions for installing GnuPG, which enables you
>   +to do this, are given in the
>   +<ulink url="&lfs-root;blfs/view/stable/postlfs/gnupg.html">BLFS book.</ulink>

The glibc tarball wasn't signed afaik, only the full tarball and the

>    </para>
>    </note>
Roel Neefs

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