[Bug 858] chapter 5 build of bzip2 is dynamically linked and fails in chroot chapter 6

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Thu Jun 24 07:15:26 PDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From krystopher at krystopher.com  2004-06-24 08:15 -------
Hi Jim, 
Thanks for looking into this for me.  However, the link you gave is exactly 
what I followed in the first place and it resulted in the dynamically linked 
Perhaps you could explain why the LDFLAGS is no longer necessary.  How does 
'make' know to make it static if we don't tell it?  Or does bzip2 not need to 
be statically linked because it's library is supposed to be in the chrooted 
If it's something I did wrong, I just want to understand what that is.  If it's 
nothing I've done wrong then I'd like to understand what is supposed to happen 
so I can find out how my system is different. 
If you'd be willing to explain, then I'd appreciate it. 
Thanks again, 

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