Test commit to some branch

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jun 26 10:17:01 PDT 2004

Em Sáb 26 Jun 2004 04:15, Jeroen Coumans escreveu:
> Anderson Lizardo said the following on 24-06-2004 21:45:
> > Can some editor test a commit to one of the branches? I'd like to know
> > how the branch information is reported by "svn log".
> Anyone with write permissions can create a branch by using svn copy. In
> subversion, a branch is nothing more then a copy of a directory. Perhaps
> you meant a test repository?

It's not necessary to do this test anymore, but I meant make a modification 
(add a line to a file, or add and then remove a file) to one of the existing 
branches (e.g. b5_1). I could then watch "svn log" to see what changes on a 
commit to HEAD (now called trunk), or to a specific branch. This is important 
to specify which branches are modified, when using --with-branchname with 

But I know now that commits are distinguished by their path (commits 
to /trunk/* are for trunk, /branches/b5_1/* stores changes to b5_1 branch, 
and so on), so I made the necessary changes to the script to output the 
branch name or "trunk" when using --with-branchname.

Anderson Lizardo

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