Implications of dbtml directive removal and renaming of html files to loose chapter info

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Fri Mar 5 10:51:07 PST 2004

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> As per my previous email, it is going to look very messy if all files
> end up in the root directory.
> [...]
> We are still writing a book here. Books have chapters. Generated
> filenames and directories should have meaningful names in the sense of a
> book.

I don't see why the files need to be put in directories: when
looking at a HTML book, the only file you need is index.html.  And
just about all browsers will load it automatically -- you will never
get to see nor need to see the jumble of 150 or so files.

Also, sorting the sections into directories only gives a _semblance_
of order: inside those dirs the files are still strewn around: not
in the order they appear in the chapter.  Why then not all files in
a single dir?  They will still be grouped per chapter by the prefix
to their names.  It may look messy to you and me and Manuel, but the
average user never gets to see those files.

(And an aside: it is overkill to have appendix A and B in separate
directories, IMO, each being a single file.  Putting these files in
the main dir has the advantage that in some sorting schemes they
will come last.)

> So Alex I'd like you to put the dbhtml directives back,

They are back.


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