Implications of dbtml directive removal and renaming of html files to loose chapter info macana at
Fri Mar 5 12:28:21 PST 2004

El Vie 05 Mar 2004 19:51 Alex Groenewoud escrbió:

> to their names.  It may look messy to you and me and Manuel, but the
> average user never gets to see those files.

Some of your work is about aesthetic improvement, and I agree. Under this punt 
of view, this is more aesthetic


that this


The average user see this links when read online, or the dirs/files when 
download the tarball for read offline.

The XML files can be moved, restructured of messed if needed, but is better have 
the final HTML's organized by chapters aestheticaly spooken.

> (And an aside: it is overkill to have appendix A and B in separate
> directories, IMO, each being a single file.  Putting these files in
> the main dir has the advantage that in some sorting schemes they
> will come last.)

In this you are rigth.

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