Implications of dbtml directive removal and renaming of html files to loose chapter info

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Sun Mar 7 05:00:45 PST 2004 wrote:
> El Vie 05 Mar 2004 19:51 Alex Groenewoud escrbió:
> > to their names.  It may look messy to you and me and Manuel, but the
> > average user never gets to see those files.
> Some of your work is about aesthetic improvement, and I agree. Under this punt 
> of view, this is more aesthetic
> ../view/cvs/chapter02/askforhelp.html
> that this
> ../view/cvs/prepare-askforhelp.html
> The average user see this links when read online, or the dirs/files when 
> download the tarball for read offline.
> The XML files can be moved, restructured of messed if needed, but is better have 
> the final HTML's organized by chapters aestheticaly spooken.

Okay, that makes sense.


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