[Bug 782] coreutils test-suite fails because of mal-installed temp perl

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Tue Mar 9 14:44:45 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From the_sithlord at yahoo.com  2004-03-09 15:44 -------
okay, now this make much more sense. :)

i checked the 5.1-pre1 version and it seems that you have replaced the
additional line for the hints/linux.sh with an option to ./configure.gnu, but it
still says "make perl utilities". however that's referring to perl version 5.8.3
whereas the lfs-5.0 version refers to perl 5.8.0.
i was still wondering how such a quite elemental and simple part of the build
process failed for me, since i don't expect any other behavior on the person's
machine that was used for writing the book. perhaps by accident File.pm existed
already, not due to the temporary perl installation but due to another
circumstance? on the other hand, i seem to be the only person having this
particular problem. but i really thought i had a fairly standard machine, and i
followed the instructions in the book exactly.

perhaps someone eventually will show up what i did wrong or what the difference
from other systems to mine might be. :)

greetings, chris

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