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------- Additional Comments From petri.koistinen at iki.fi  2004-03-13 05:14 -------
Version increment (5.2.1)

ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/coreutils/coreutils-5.2.1.tar.bz2   (4.1MB)

* Major changes in release 5.2.1 (2004-03-12) [stable]
** Bug fixes
  mv could mistakenly fail to preserve hard links when moving two
  or more arguments between partitions.
  `cp --sparse=always F /dev/hdx' no longer tries to use lseek to create
  holes in the destination.
  nohup now sets the close-on-exec flag for its copy of the stderr file
  descriptor.  This avoids some nohup-induced hangs.  For example, before
  this change, if you ran `ssh localhost', then `nohup sleep 600 </dev/null &',
  and then exited that remote shell, the ssh session would hang until the
  10-minute sleep terminated.  With the fixed nohup, the ssh session
  terminates immediately.
  `expr' now conforms to POSIX better:
    Integers like -0 and 00 are now treated as zero.
    The `|' operator now returns 0, not its first argument, if both
    arguments are null or zero.  E.g., `expr "" \| ""' now returns 0,
    not the empty string.
    The `|' and `&' operators now use short-circuit evaluation, e.g.,
    `expr 1 \| 1 / 0' no longer reports a division by zero.
** New features
  `chown user.group file' now has its traditional meaning even when
  conforming to POSIX 1003.1-2001, so long as no user has a name
  containing `.' that happens to equal `user.group'.

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