[Error] sysklogd and sysvinit

DoubleU spamme at spam.org
Sun Mar 28 23:52:32 PST 2004

I'm working with LFS 5.1-pre1 and encountered a problem in Chapter 6 
with installing sysklogd and sysvinit.

when performing "make install"
I get the error that root is not a valid group.
I created the group with "addgroup root" and run make install again this 
fixed the issue.

As this is my first LFS and I'm above average linux user I'm not sure if 
it is me or LFS :)

Another comment, the SBU of automake and autoconf in Chapter 6 seem a 
bit high (autoconf=2.9 and automake=5.3). But they installed in a few sec.


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