[Error] sysklogd and sysvinit

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Mon Mar 29 00:01:06 PST 2004

> I'm working with LFS 5.1-pre1 and encountered a problem in Chapter 6
> with installing sysklogd and sysvinit.
> when performing "make install"
> I get the error that root is not a valid group.
> I created the group with "addgroup root" and run make install again this
> fixed the issue.
> As this is my first LFS and I'm above average linux user I'm not sure if
> it is me or LFS :)
> Another comment, the SBU of automake and autoconf in Chapter 6 seem a
> bit high (autoconf=2.9 and automake=5.3). But they installed in a few sec.
> DoubleU!
> --

the group root is added in the beginning of chapter 6.  cat > /etc/groups
<< "EOF" line

autoconf/automake probably includes make check in that time.

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