Suggestion for 5.1 pre1

DoubleU spamme at
Tue Mar 30 12:27:46 PST 2004

I have completed my first LFS and would like to thank all the people who 
have put in all their effort and time.

Althought the system is up and running. (still installing BLFS) I got 
stuck during the network installation in Chapter 7.
I use DHCP so I was a bit confused with the instructions, because they 
only mention a static IP set up.
Because my host system is set up for DHCP I thought to be smart and just 
copy the network settings. OK, the files were in different location but 
I copied to context anyway (A red flashing light should have gone off in 
my head at this point :) )
After a reboot I didn't had a network connection.
It took me a while to find anything about DHCP setup, nothing in the 
FAQ. Till I hit chapter 14 of BLFS, I followed those instructions and 
have now a working network :)

So my request.
Can you include DHCP settings in LFS?
Or at least point to chapter 14 of BLFS.

Thanks again!
Willem Gerritsen.

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