Suggestion for 5.1 pre1

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Tue Mar 30 13:54:18 PST 2004

> I have completed my first LFS and would like to thank all the people who
> have put in all their effort and time.
> Althought the system is up and running. (still installing BLFS) I got
> stuck during the network installation in Chapter 7.
> I use DHCP so I was a bit confused with the instructions, because they
> only mention a static IP set up.
> Because my host system is set up for DHCP I thought to be smart and just
> copy the network settings. OK, the files were in different location but
> I copied to context anyway (A red flashing light should have gone off in
> my head at this point :) )
> After a reboot I didn't had a network connection.
> It took me a while to find anything about DHCP setup, nothing in the
> FAQ. Till I hit chapter 14 of BLFS, I followed those instructions and
> have now a working network :)
> So my request.
> Can you include DHCP settings in LFS?
> Or at least point to chapter 14 of BLFS.
> Thanks again!
> Willem Gerritsen.
> --

good work getting LFS working.

development suggestions should go to lfs-dev at BTW.

For the record, the latest CVS Commits have gone to, which does address
your point.

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