cvs commit: LFS/bootscripts/lfs/sysconfig console

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Tue May 4 07:23:17 PDT 2004

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> nathan at wrote:
>>   +KEYMAP="defkeymap"
>>   +FONT="default8x16"
> Wouldn't it be better to comment out tham all? And have many variants 
> corresponding to different countries, e.g.:
> # Begin /etc/sysconfig/console
> # Uncomment the section corresponding to your country
> # Just sane defaults
> #
> # KEYMAP="-d"
> ## KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS are not needed
> # FONT="default8x16"
> # Russia, one of many variants actually used
> #
> # KEYMAP="ru"
> # KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS="/etc/kbd/bs-sends-del"

Well, I propose to change that to "ru-ms" since it better matches the
actual layout of keyboards sold now (my keyboard is old) and works with
Emacs better. This still needs the "bs-sends-del" fix. Unlike other 
Russian keymaps, this one allows the fix to be combined with it in the 
same loadkeys line:

# KEYMAP="ru-ms /etc/kbd/bs-sends-del"
## KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS are not needed

However, to illustrate the KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS line, I propose to write 
it in such a way:

# KEYMAP="ru-ms"
# KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS="/etc/kbd/bs-sends-del"

> # FONT="cp866-8x16 -m koi2alt"
> # Spain (information from
> #,
> # please verify
> #
> # KEYMAP="es"

In fact, because es and euro are both official keymaps, it is better to 
write in such way:

#KEYMAP="es euro"
## KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS are not needed

> # FONT="lat9-16 -u iso01"

Well, the keymap recommendation is directly from the Spanish translation 
of the book, and FONT is verified. If you press Alt+E, you do get the 
Euro sign. So it looks like these settings are correct.

> # End /etc/sysconfig/console

Also I found that the "-n" flag for echo commands in the console script 
leads to messages that sometimes don't fit in the standard 80x25 
non-framebuffer console. Please remove. Maybe we also want to add 
2>/dev/null to the loadkeys commands. Yes I know that these changes are 
purely cosmetic.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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