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Thu May 6 09:24:45 PDT 2004

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  Fix XML validation error
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  --- console.xml	6 May 2004 16:21:01 -0000
  +++ console.xml	6 May 2004 16:24:45 -0000
  @@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
   when you press Backspace. To check if your keymap is affected (this works
   only for i386 keymaps):</para>
  -<screen><userinput>zgrep '\W14\W' <emphasis>/path/to/your/keymap</emphasis></userinput></screen>
  +<screen><userinput>zgrep '\W14\W' /path/to/your/keymap</userinput></screen>
   <para>If you see that keycode 14 is Backspace and not Delete,
   create the following keymap snippet to fix this issue:</para>

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