cvs commit: LFS/BOOK/stylesheets/xhtml lfs-navigational.xsl

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sat May 8 10:38:10 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> manuel at said the following on 08-05-2004 16:02:
>>   Changed the output tags for navigational links.
>>   Contributed by Bruce Dubbs.
> What does this patch do? AFAICT it removes some semantic markup (ul) 
> with meaningless div's and adds presentational tags (br); which is 
> completely opposite to the changes we've worked on so far to introduce 
> some more semantic XHTML. I'd first like to see a rendering of it and 
> at least discuss it before such a change is implemented. 

Those 'meaningless' divs provide a handle for controlling the 
presentation with stylesheets.  The area that is affected is the 
navigation links.  They are not in the xml at all.  The divs make more 
sense than the incorrect list (ul). I used the (br) to avoid yet another 
set of divs.

The important issue  of semantics really applies to the xml, not to the 
generated xhtml.  xhtml is limited in the number of tags it has and 
trying to force the semantics into that limited set is not productive. 

For an example of the rendering, see  which uses the lfs 
stylesheets to render blfs.

  -- Bruce

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